Hello. I'm Matthew Revell. I run the developer relations consultancy Hoopy, as well as DeveloperRelations.com, and the DevRelCon event series.

What I do

I work with companies to help them build and execute developer relations strategies. I also create content and research to help DevRel professionals become more effective. With my team at Hoopy, I work with clients around the world to advise them on developer relations, developer marketing, and developer community.


I'm an experienced conference speaker, having spoken at OSCON, DevRelCon, and Devoxx, amongst other events in Europe, the US and Asia.

If you'd like me to come speak at your event about developer relations or related topics, get in touch.

Work with me

I'm excited to work with new clients who are looking to build authentic relationships with software developers. Whether it's strategic consultancy, training, or execution support, let me and the Hoopy team know how we can help.

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Get in touch through Hoopy